What's Your Story?

Finding joy and peace wherever you can - Marissa Matusiak

March 28, 2021 Matt Story, Marissa Matusiak Season 2 Episode 7
What's Your Story?
Finding joy and peace wherever you can - Marissa Matusiak
Show Notes

Marissa Matusiak, founder of Raise Black Voices and founding member of Level, grew up being called the UN given the number of countries represented in her family. This perspective helped inform her childhood goal of becoming a news reporter to help tackle important issues that people were facing. She took that goal and set out on her unique path where she has been able to combine her set of superpowers (perceptive, incisive and empathetic) to make an impact at each stage of her career. In this conversation, she opens up in a very transparent and authentic manner that shows you can truly find joy and peace in all situations.

Episode References:
Raise Black Voices - raises the awareness of systemic racism to catch people up on the actions needed to create an anti-racist nation- https://www.raiseblackvoices.org/

Level - a diverse network of women in pursuit of racial equity - https://www.levelleaders.com/

3 Stories Marissa would want to hear:
1) Shirley Chisholm - https://www.biography.com/political-figure/shirley-chisholm
2) Ida B. Wells - https://www.biography.com/activist/ida-b-wells
3) Dave Chappelle - https://www.biography.com/performer/dave-chappelle

You can connect with Marissa at:
TW - https://twitter.com/RaiseBlkVoices
IG - https://www.instagram.com/raiseblackvoices/
Web - https://www.raiseblackvoices.org/