What's Your Story?

Resisting being average - Shelly Bell

July 18, 2021 Matt Story, Shelly Bell Season 2 Episode 22
What's Your Story?
Resisting being average - Shelly Bell
Show Notes

Shelly Bell, founder of Black Girl Ventures Foundation, has always had a big imagination that she has integrated with a number of different career experiences to make her feel invincible. She now spends her time seeking out ways to disrupt systems in a diplomatically radically manner. In our discussion, she shares her secret sauce of combining her computer science training with on stage experience as an artist to help inspire Black and Brown women to reach for their dreams. Listen to learn from her perspective on how we all can step into leadership even when we may not be expecting it.

Episode References:
- Black Girl Ventures Foundation
- Thunder by Imagine Dragons
- Walk in the park by Jack Harlow 

3 Stories Shelly would want to hear:

1) Harriet Tubman 
2) Oprah Winfrey 
3) Nelson Mandela 

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