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I have enjoyed sharing my story and experiences through a variety of events and forums in my career. Whether as a keynote speaker, moderator or panel participant, I have participated on these platforms to inspire others to create and share stories that enable connection through shared humanity. 

From the best in class marketing to compelling personal branding, I believe storytelling is the best tool to delivering results.


I have been invited to speak on topics that include:

  • Creating a More Equitable World as a Brand

  • The How and Why of Personal Branding

  • Creators and Brands Win Win Partnerships

  • Inclusive Leadership Strategies

  • Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

If you are looking for a speaker on related topics, please reach out via email ( to connect.  



The Female Quotient - #EqualityLounge at CES

Allyship & Action Summitt

Allyship & Action - The State of Equity

Allyship & Action - WTF are all the men

All Black Everything Summit - Why Small Businesses Matter 


Ep 66 - Matt Story, Visa's VP of Global Marketing Partnerships

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Ep 10 - Madison Avenue and strides to go on diversity

Ep 63 - Black History, (to be) continued

modern minorities.jpeg

Ep 25 - Matt Story knows you have (super) powers

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