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I am a fan of storytelling as it connects all of us through our shared humanity. To begin with, I've spent nearly the past two decades creating and executing best-in-class marketing efforts for major global brands. I've had the good fortune of finding new ways to tell stories in order to help brands stay ahead of the ever changing media landscape and connect with customers to meet business priorities. Secondly, I'm an advocate of building inclusive teams and organizations as it has proven to deliver the best business results while allowing all team members to uniquely and equally contribute to a collective goal. I've seen firsthand how connections are built between colleagues when we know each other's story. Lastly, I'm a podcast host that seeks to amplify the unique journeys and stories of people of color leaders across all fields of industry. I appreciate each of them for trusting me to share their story with the world.

No matter the setting, everyone has a story. It's my goal to help share them with all of you. I guess you could say that's my story.




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Great Interviews! So glad I found this podcast through my network. Everyone should take a listen. Looking forward to future episodes. 


BIG Fan! I am so glad I discovered this podcast! I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode thus far, and each has been beneficial. I highly recommend tuning in. 


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