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There are a few universal truths out there. I believe one is that storytelling has the ability to connect us through our shared humanity. This belief has been reinforced through all the roles, teams and organizations that I've participated with my entire life.

So what is my story? I am a midwest-born mama's boy that was adopted by California and never moved back. As a husband to a successful entrepreneur wife, proud #GirlDad, podcast host, investor and curious marketer, I spend most of my days focused on my personal mission of being a consistent force that enables my tribe to be better and creating a more inclusive and equitable world. In my down time, I enjoy all things related to Peloton, Basketball, and Sneakers.

At Visa, I lead our global efforts to create brand partnerships that showcase our company purpose while driving business results that positively impact our world. I utilize my 20+ years of client and agency experience leading multi-faceted teams to create, scale and execute collaborative marketing initiatives and programs that uplift key stakeholders and underserved communities.

As a host of What's Your Story? podcast, I sit with people of color leaders to learn how they have used their unique lived experience to develop superpowers that make our world a better place. I'm a fan of stories and enjoy learning how I can improve myself from their experiences.

No matter the situation, everyone has a story. It's my goal to help us all connect through learning more about each other's story. I guess you could say that's my story.




listener reviews

Great Interviews! So glad I found this podcast through my network. Everyone should take a listen. Looking forward to future episodes. 


BIG Fan! I am so glad I discovered this podcast! I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode thus far, and each has been beneficial. I highly recommend tuning in. 


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