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There are a few universal truths out there. I believe one of them is that storytelling has the ability to connect all of us by highlighting our shared humanity. This belief has been reinforced through the various roles, teams and organizations that I've had the good fortune of participating with my entire life.


I've spent the past two decades creating and executing best-in-class marketing efforts for major global brands. I've been successful finding new ways to tell these brand stories by remaining curious about the connections stories create. 


Through my leadership journey, I've seen how diverse teams can perform at high levels through making everyone feel like they belong. The consistent theme has been their ability to tap into the collection of superpowers on the team to reach shared goals. It's essentially been a cheat code for how we can all create our own version of the Avengers. 


More recently I've become a podcast host where I seek to amplify the unique journeys and stories of leaders with diverse lived experiences. While my guests come from a wide array of backgrounds and industries, they have all left me with invaluable wisdom and insights in 60 minutes or less. 

No matter the situation, everyone has a story. It's my goal to help us all connect through learning more about each other's story. I guess you could say that's my story.




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Great Interviews! So glad I found this podcast through my network. Everyone should take a listen. Looking forward to future episodes. 


BIG Fan! I am so glad I discovered this podcast! I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode thus far, and each has been beneficial. I highly recommend tuning in. 


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